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Transforming Weight Loss Surgery with a Day Procedure Approach

Being admitted to the hospital for weight loss surgery can seem like a major event for many people. However, at Surgery Gold Coast, Dr Jason Free and his experienced team have spent over a decade refining methods to create a seamless experience for patients.

Day Surgery

enhanced patient experience

Dr Free and his team take pride in their research and implementation of various methods to improve the patient experience, decrease discomfort, and eliminate unnecessary medical expenses, all while maintaining exceptional safety.

With a focus on patient-cantered care, the clinic has developed protocols that streamline the surgical journey and minimise its impact on patients’ lives.

Day Procedure Weight Loss Surgery

Today, weight loss surgery can be safely performed as a day procedure, a trend that is gaining popularity worldwide. Day stay surgery significantly reduces the cost of hospital stays for patients and can potentially lower the risk of complications.

Dr Free recently visited several hospitals and weight loss clinics in Australia and the USA to assess their day stay protocols and bring back valuable insights to improve patient experiences at Surgery Gold Coast.

“In the USA, day stay weight loss surgery has become hugely popular and mainstream, with extensive research demonstrating its safety,” Dr Free explains.

“I’ve been able to bring back a lot of knowledge on how to implement it safely here. We’ve had a great deal of success performing day stay weight loss surgery, with many extremely satisfied patients.”

Patient Recovery

Financial Assistance for Patients

At Surgery Gold Coast, the team understands the financial burden of surgery, especially for those without private health insurance. To assist patients financially, the clinic offers support for those who qualify to access their superannuation for surgery. The in-house experts handle the entire process, eliminating the need for external entities and avoiding additional expenses.

Dr Free is dedicated to transforming the weight loss surgery experience. By continuously refining his methods and adopting innovative day stay protocols, they ensure patients receive top-notch care with minimal disruption to their lives.

For those considering weight loss surgery, Surgery Gold Coast offers a smooth, quick, and easy path to a healthier future.