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Liver Resections

Liver resections are required for a number of conditions. The most common reason is for metastatic bowel cancer that has spread from the colon to the liver via the blood stream.

If the entire right lobe is to be removed, that is called a right hemi-hepatectomy, and if the left lobe is to be removed that is a left hemi-hepatectomy. You may need just a small section of the liver resected which is called a wedge resection or a subsegmental resection. Often the gall bladder needs to be removed at the time of a liver resection.

The liver has the capacity to regenerate itself, and grows back to near-normal size within six to eight weeks. If your liver is healthy, you will be able to cope with removal of up to two-thirds of the liver. If there is cirrhosis or chronic liver disease, we tend not to remove large portions of the liver.

Most liver resections are able to be performed laparoscopically, and this is a skill Dr Free has trained for specifically for over the last few years.

When you come in to see us regarding a liver operation, it is important to bring with you any reports from referring specialists, as well as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans. We will liaise closely with your GP, oncologist and other relevant specialist.