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Revisional Weightloss Surgery

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You may have had a weight loss procedure in the past which has led to insufficient weight loss or which has led to problems.

Many people with a gastric band have problematic issues including reflux, regurgitation and dysphagia limiting their quality of life. Often the distortion of the gastro-oesophageal anatomy from the band can produce symptoms that become apparent many years later and necessitate removal of the band. Simply removing the band is likely to lead to weight regain, often to the patient’s initial pre-band weight. Many people also just do not achieve the expected weight loss they initially hoped for.

It recent years it has also been noticed that many patients experience insufficient weight loss following a sleeve gastrectomy, or even good initial weight loss and then later weight regain. As well as this many patients who’ve had a sleeve gastrectomy develop severe reflux. This relates to the increased intraluminal pressure of the sleeve being a long, narrow tube as opposed to any weakness of the gastro-oesophageal junction. Conversion to a gastric bypass in these patients provides immediate relief to the reflux and will provide further weight loss.

There are a variety of reasons for these issues and we thoroughly investigate potential factors and can usually provide further assistance. Often people do require a revisional procedure to ensure optimum weight loss.

Dr Free is an extremely experienced Laparoscopic Weight Loss surgeon who has trained heavily in the field of complex surgical procedures dealing specifically with complications of weight loss surgery.

We are happy to discuss with you your various options amongst out team of experts.

Things you need to know

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