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Weight Loss Surgery

At our clinic we aim to provide a warm and friendly environment where you can discuss your needs with our team of highly qualified professionals. We offer a full range of counselling and support for your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss clinic

Dr Free and his team have assisted several thousands of people achieve fantastic weight loss results leading to a much healthier & happier life.  When you come in for your free consultation, Dr Free will discuss your particular goals, and all of the currently available options, such as medications, intragastric balloon, and surgical options for weight loss.

There are many different options for weight loss available to patients, and each has its own particular components. The most common surgical procedure performed is the sleeve gastrectomy, however Dr Free performs many surgical and endoscopic procedures, as some options would be ideal for some patients and not suitable for others for a variety of reasons.

Allurion Gastric Balloon

The Allurion Balloon is balloon that is placed in the stomach which decreases appetite and oral intake. The Allurion Balloon process is more than just a Balloon, it’s a 6-month medical weight loss program that helps you readjust your mindset towards food to sustain your weight loss, for your long-term health.  The 6-month Allurion Program includes the Allurion Gastric Balloon, personalized follow-up from our specialist weight loss team and nutritional guidance throughout the entire program. 

Additionally, you will receive the Allurion Connected Scale, the Health Tracker, and access to the Allurion App, which will help us track your weight loss progress more efficiently.  There is no anaesthesia, surgery or endoscopy required for its insertion, a capsule that contains the balloon attached to a thin tube is swallowed under the guidance of experienced staff & Dr Free, it is then filled, and an X-Ray is performed to ensure its correct placement.

We understand that surgical weight loss can be expensive for un-insured patients, however we have specific processes to dramatically reduce the cost whilst still maintaining excellent results and safety standards.

We look forward to seeing you for your free, no obligation consultation.

Dr Free is one of the most experienced laparoscopic weight loss surgeons on the Gold Coast today. He has trained heavily in this field in Australia as well as Vienna and London. His training has included a large number of complex surgical procedures in tertiary hospital institutions dealing specifically with complications of weight loss surgery. His training has been part of an internationally recognised training program through the Obesity Surgical Society of Australia and NZ.

Dr Free has been involved in many research projects and has presented at national and international Obesity Surgery meetings.

Each of these procedures have specific benefits and risks which need to be individualised to yourself. When you come in for your consultation/s at our surgical weight loss centre, we will have a thorough discussion regarding the best options for you and the long term effects. You must be aware of all options and the risks of each before considering the surgery.

To read a guide regarding which procedure may suit you, please read our Surgical Options for Weight Loss PDF below.